Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cebuanos in London: Olympics 2012 a Cebuano Experience

Juanita Laviña- Plaza
I would say they are very lucky. Witnessing the most amazing opening of the 2012 Olympics and looking forward to watching the sports each day is a different experience. Everything in the opening was awesome, I was even more thrilled knowing that there are people in the crowd that I know. I felt them.

My sister-in-law, Juanita Laviña- Plaza, made it among the performers, she wasn't only there, she was actually part of the whole show.  How lucky she is,  lucky girl indeed! Sissy, I hope you can share your story one of these days.

Leonel Torres Plaza
They represent the Filipinos, like the athletes they too wave the Philippine flag the best way they could. I'm pretty sure their inner souls screamed to death at the sight of the Philippine delegation marching onwards or perhaps they were literally screaming. We cannot deny the fact that the Filipino blood that flows within our veins seemed thicker this time. We just wanted the whole world to know that we exist. Perhaps they were nodding on their seat-mates flaunting the flag. I know these guys have more to tell. I hope to read them one day.

My brother, Leonel Torres Plaza, was photo-documenting.  I shared some of his awesome shots on my FACEBOOK wall.  I was jealous (who wouldn't anyway) with the pictures but I am very proud of them all.

Michelle Jade
Michelle Jade was there too!  As a flight attendant of Emirates Airline and knowing how tight her schedules are she managed to drop by.  She got into one of the most perfect view overlooking the bridge and there you go, another perfect and stunning shot.  She looks pretty and lovely as always.

Of course Adrian Luke Aranas was there too!  I was thrilled with all his FACEBOOK updates.  Despite the rains Ian and friends (just like the rest) endure it after-all the cause was all worth it. 

OMG, thoughts are clouding my mind now but one prevails, that is to see more and more pictures of the events each day.  Souvenirs of the structures with the sunset or perhaps sunrise.  That will be more than enough to tell their stories.

Cheers, to you proud Cebuanos!  As I said this is all worth opening a 1957 vintage wine, go for it!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pork BBQ and Isaw are another famous Cebuano foods

Who can resist this full, delicately cooked Isaw?
Today is like any ordinary day when all are busy in the office fixing proposals, contacts and other documents. Time moves fast until we realized the butterflies rumbling in our stomachs.

The team couldn't decide where to go, we wanted to eat fast yet we want something different.  There's only one place in mind at an instant,  "FONS" a name not known to many but once tried you will surely frequent the place.  They have a wide selection of foods from Isaw, Liver and Gizzard, Chicken Skin, Chicken Parts, Pork BBQ, Chorizo, and Pork Liver.

We weren't alone when we reached the place we also spotted several familiar people that crowded the place and a group of more than 10 people who are seemingly from a huge PEZA Company.

This must have been marinated for hours!
I love street-foods and the pleasure it brings to the fullest.  More often we would talk about missing 'the Larsian' in Fuente Osmeña.

While there is so much pleasure brought about eating it, my mind on the other hand is thinking about the dangers of eating burnt meat.

Dr Anderson said: "My research has been focused on pancreatic cancer for some time, and we want to identify ways to prevent this cancer because treatments are very limited and the cancer is often rapidly fatal."

"We cannot say with absolute certainty that the risk is increased due to carcinogens formed in burned meat."

"However, those who enjoy either fried or barbecued meat should consider turning down the heat or cutting off burned portions when it's finished; cook meat sufficiently to kill bacteria without excess charring."

At least now I am more aware on how to deal BBQs.  Happy eating folks! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh my gulay, bow!

389959_Louis Vuitton 720

Oh my gulay! It's Nutrition Month!

The kids at school had to memorize the 2012 theme: Pagkain ng gulay ugaliin, araw-araw itong ihain.

Well good luck to the kiddos out there. Not many are fond of vegetables. As for me I personally never had troubles feeding my twins with veggies because their orientation to vegetables started as early as 4 month-old where I used to puree the vegetables for their meals.

Good luck to all parents too as all the vegetables are now taking a bow!

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So the activity organizer announced that there's going to be a competition in preparing Nutritious Foods among parents and this is what we had.
I personally liked this not only it is very creative it's so primitive too!

An Ode to a Shaken Wall

Well well well what do we have here;
A wall artistically painted attracted my attention;
Did you serve your purpose;
Did you really serve well?
Why now it seems your standing there as if nobody cares?
Perhaps the wind does;
Perhaps the wind don't;
The great wind must be ashamed to blow and see you go!

389959_LMB 728x90

Friday, July 27, 2012

Top 5 Blog Posts as of July 27

It's getting more exciting as we find new blog posts in the leaderboard; here's the top 5:

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  1. Someone is destined to be a beauty queen!
  2. Pride of Talisay: Cheers to PBM Sergio Restauro and his Team
  3. 7-Eleven is Sprouting like Mushrooms in Cebu
  4. Featured Cebuano:  Jason Abas Candia
  5. A beautiful day and a beautiful view


Cebu halted as spectators of the 2012 Olympics opening!

I was a bit lazy to reach for the remote but thanks to those who flooded my wall, you inspired me to finally get up.

Olympic spirit is here once more. I reached only the Segment of Sir Paul singing Hey Jude but I would like to presume it really had a good start. The whole set-up is totally impressive.

I can smell equality, sportsmanship and good friendship. Here's to the success of 2012 Olympics!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What do you think is the best place in Cebu and why?

Save on Cameras and Camcorders at AbtWhich of Cebu's component cities below you think is the best?

Which of the following Landmarks do you highly recommend and why?

We go our separate ways but we never say goodbye!

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People come and people go but friends will always be friends.  It's sad that they had to live but glad something better is waiting for them.

Even if we go our separate ways, friends will stay together they will remain in the hearts of those who love them.

We shall send them off with blessings and gratefulness  hoping that one day we shall see each other and greet with warm embrace.

A toast to our dearest Joan, Zet and Edma we will definitely see you again.

Our last photo together.
Call us maybe?
See you will have to call when you need us.
Wait a minute something is not right in this picture...hmmm...feels like the boat is sinking!
And we do our final-no-care-effect pose.


Friendships come and Friendships go Like wave upon the sand;
Like day and night;
Like birds in flight;
Like snowflakes when they land;
But you and I are something else;
Our friendship's here to stay
Like weeds and rocks and dirty socks
It never goes away!

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Featured Cebuano: Jason Abas Candia

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Who would think that this young lad will hit big in his own time. Jason Abas Candia is a resident of Talisay City, a former classmate and a friend.  

Back then when we were younger we all seem to be dreamers.  Some wanted to be lawyers, mariners,  doctors, sailors and many more.  This guy turned out to be a fashion consultant, an events organizer, a wedding planner/coordinator, make-up artist, photographer and a good designer.

It was through FACEBOOK that I found him again, thanks to the friends of my friends we eventually became virtual friends too.

I am so surprised and happy with how things turned out for him.  He seems very confident and I admire the attitude.  More power to you, Jason!


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546873_Discover a New Love - 300x250 banner

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A beautiful day and a beautiful view

Mobile Fit Guide

Hello Cebu hello World warm greetings from the view deck of Mr A!

Someone is destined to be a beauty queen!

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She is beautiful alright and she happens to be my cousin... Congratulations Em2x we are proud of you!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7-Eleven is Sprouting like Mushrooms in Cebu

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Finally the long wait is over for so many locals and foreigners in Cebu. We love this because of the convenience it offers. Whenever I am out of the country 7-Eleven Outlets are always part of the consideration simply because I don't want to starve myself in case I won't be able to understand the foods in any foreign land.

Cheers 7-Eleven! More power and welcome to Cebu!

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Camote? Linusak?

Featured Song: Matud Nila

Matud nila ako dili angay 
Nga magmamanggad sa imong gugma, 
Matud nila ikaw dili malipay, 
Kai wa ako'y bahanding nga kanimo igasa, 

Gugmang putli mao day pasalig 
Maoy bahanding labaw sa bulawan 
Matud nila kaanugon lamang 
Sa imong gugma ug parayeg, 

Dili maluba kining pagbati 
Bisan sa unsa nga katarungan 
Kay unsa pay bili ning kinabuhi 
Kon sa gugma mo hinikawan 

Ingna ko nga dili ka motuo 
Sa mga pagtamay kong naangkon 
Ingna ko nga dili mo kawangon 
Damgo ko'g pasalig sa gugma mo

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A Satellite View of the Mactan International Airport

The red-pinned part of the map is exactly where I was at the moment of capturing the view in a Satellite.


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