Friday, August 3, 2012

The day we made it to Cebu's first ever Spicy Boneless Lechon Belly!

In search for good food again on a nice-weathered-Friday noon we ended up in Parkmall with our rumbling stomachs.  My lunch pals didn't know I have been craving for boneless lechon since last night. This is first in Cebu and in the entire Philippines. 

Cebu's original lechon belly is situated in the northwing side of Parkmall just near e-games station.  It's a self-service place yet sometimes the attendants are too accommodating to serve the foods on the tables.

Nothing beats the all time fave thirst quencher!

Everyone really looked starved.

It's really spicy!   It was so much fun sitting and drooling over the super spicy boneless lechon.  This is certainly another pride of Cebu.  A boneless experience and lechon all rolled into one.  Who wouldn't love it?

We all moved out very full with two thumbs-up from each of us.  Great going Cebu's Original Lechon Belly!


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