Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Taste of Camotes' Beauty

We left Cebu mainland at around 8:40am and arrived to Camotes Island about 2 hours after sailing.  It was fun knowing the kids were overjoyed.

We couldn't stay put knowing we have the whole Island for us to explore.  First stop was the Lake Danao Park.  We  fell in love with the place and the vastness of the lake-water has to offer made us all felt for it in an instant. 

The kids were so happy seeing this fenced part of the lake where life fish are actually grown here.

This is love...for 100pesos the lovers get to enjoy the kayak only to themselves.

There's so much happiness all over the place.  The kids, the adults and everyone else really had fun.

The bridge over not so troubled-waters are perfect for the kids.  It's quietly shaded by the trees and the spot is just perfect. 

Moving farther is a floating social hall where a smaller group of people can play the karaoke, while at the same time enjoy the hammock by the side.

If not for the super-duper-out Mr Sun, I would try this.  It looks like a lot of fun.

Off to an Island

It was a unanimous decision, everyone is going to an island.  Yes, we are all going to Camotes Island.  The place where I always longed to be with even for a day.

I enjoyed my panoramic view of the distant Island where we will soon be.

The kids were exulting at the sight of the Island getting nearer and nearer.

It looks so perfect from a distance and is so realistically naive at a closer look. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My CucineRah Experience

This is the yummy taco basket

In a corner of President Quirino and President Magsaysay Sts. of Villa Aurora, Barangay Kasambagan, Cebu City lies a cozy restaurant I never thought to have captured my taste.

Hubby ordered Beef Lasagna which enticed me to choose another one for me the Taco Basket.  It was large enough for me not to finish and invite hubby to finish the serving for me.  Delightfully tasty! That's all I can say.

So it never stopped there.  Yesterday, I almost skipped lunch as I couldn't make up my mind what to eat.  Thoughts were overwhelming with rumbling tummy when I remembered I wanted another round of CucineRah Foods.

Banana smoothies, osso bucco, linguini aligue
Brought my friends to eat with me, a sign enough that I am truly proud of this discovery.  They were amazed with the interior and much more the foods they offer.  We tried the Signature Occo Bucco, Linguine Aligue, and Fish n' Chips with our Banana Smoothies.  Hahahaha, obviously we finished the Linguini Aligue in no time (see the back of the smoothies).  Oh was fun and yum yum yum!

Oh I almost forgot!  I like it there because they serve extra rice in various flavors from Plain Rice, Java Rice, to Bagoong Rice. Neat isn't it?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Golden spoon in Cebu

It was a rainy night of September when my dear friend Joy Dave brought me to the Ayala Triangle for a surprise treat of a cup of yogurt. It was a crazy idea for me since I never really love yogurt. I was closing my eyes when my spoon dipped for the first time into the cup of yogurt. I let it set into my mouth before I actually decided swallowing it. Viola! It wasn't bad at all. The night ended, we had so much fun chit-chatting and I totally forgot how I hated yogurts.

Yesterday, meeting-bound in SM City Cebu (Northwing) along with another good friend, the sight of Golden Spoon excited me again as I remember my first experience. It was very delightful and we enjoyed the cup of yogurt which we just shared.

I did say goodbye to the yogurt hater me!

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