Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nagahanon Folklore: Mananaggal and the Lana

It's the era of Plants vs. Zombies, alright but I just thought you might have remembered the days when we talk about witches / aswang / ungo / manananggal.  In the times of our great grandparents they would normally scare their children about witches and Mananaggals flying on the rooftop should they fail to sleep on siestas or even in the evening.  

I totally forgot about this until the good Councilor, Hon. Junjie Cruz, revived some small stories.  So he led us to the museum where we could see some proofs of the folklore and look what we found! A Lana sa Ungo, I think that was cute.  Putting it that way was a nice way of preserving folklore and reminding the people of how rich the culture of Naga City is.

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