Sunday, December 23, 2012

Greetings from Cebu!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The San Pedro Calungsod Altar @ Archbishop Palace

Built at the time of San Pedro Calungsod's beatification. It lies in the vast property of the Archbishop Palace.

Anointing of the New San Pedro Calungsod Chapel

At the heart of the new City built by SM Primeholdings lies a new chapel named after the newly canonized saint San Pedro Calungsod.

In most of the times that I pass by SRP (South Reclamation Properties) I can only glance at the side where the new structure is built...they said that it is soon to be chapel of San Pedro.  If not for the saintly nun Sister Raquel, who wanted to give me a car pass I wouldn't be there... not on it's first day of public opening and anointing.

I arrived at the chapel few minutes before San Predro.  It was a blessing in disguise...the first thought that came across my mind.  What was initially planned as a car-pass-pick-up-moment turned out to be a hearing-the-mass-and-witnessing-the anointing-time.  My heart leaped with too much excitement.

Above is the image of the altar...with Rev. Father Junie Tupas as the appointed Chapel Chaplain holding onto the relics with another image of the priests and bishops marching to the alter for the mass.

Now there will be more reasons to visit SRP. 

National Thanksgiving of San Pedro Calungsod

Alas, the long wait is here....November 30, 2012 was marked in the calendar by Millions of Filipinos...not to mention majority of them were Cebuanos all over the world.  It's now time for the National Thanksgiving of San Pedro Calungsod and many formed part of the pilgrimage.

We were one of them...we took turns standing...sitting...waiting for the mass to start.  It was an overwhelming moment and many hearts were overjoyed.  Some were singing...some were raising their San Pedro Icons...and some were busy appreciating the presence of many believers... We gained more friends and we realized that faith matters most despite the hot weather condition.

I was very young then during the times of World Youth Day so I can only hear what people said...for them the National Thanksgiving is another event similar to the World Youth Day...I can only nod while I imagine those overwhelming situations.

There were mixed emotions witnessed that day.  I saw a cancer patient with so much hope it crushed my heart to see him yet I was grateful for the perseverance he showed and how much faith he had for the new Saint.  I saw young lads who I couldn't imagine would be there rather than be at the malls and be with another group of individuals their age.  I saw a family tightly hugging each other with so much joy and celebrating togetherness as they hear the mass.  There were more...more that I can't say them all.  Nonetheless, the sight that I saw was really a wonderful sight to behold.

I commend to the overall committee for the successful celebration of the National Thanksgiving was a job well done.  May God be with us all.

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