Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rainy December

As earlier reported there will be heavy rains and risks to flood prone areas.  Two dead, two injured and hundreds move to safer ground, thereafter.

To this date people are still suffering from the aftermath of the incident.  It wouldn't be easy but I hope they'd recover fast.  Please offer a moment of silence and pray for the departed souls.

My sincerest sympathy to those who lost their loved ones.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Daily Bible_ [Matthew 2:13]

"Rise, take the child and his mother, and flee to Egypt..."   [Matthew 2:13]

AS Fortuna after the heavy rains on Dec. 26 and 27

I remembered 11 years ago when I was so much younger I used to pass by here bound to some client calls. One time I was caught by a heavy traffic near Norkis Trading I was so adamant to reach back to the office; only to find out that the water level near the AS Fortuna's Shell Station was high enough to cause the traffic.

That was 11 years ago when Mandaue City was managed by the old administration.  Being young means being so pre-occupied with somethings else other than floods and other economical situations, so naturally I cared less about it.  Yet that was 11 years ago.

When I moved into the City, to my surprise the problem still exists.  Amazing, how people careless about it especially those who are duty-bound to do so.  It wasn't just like yesterday when they had this problem, it was so long ago but what happened now?

That was the longest rain that I can remember for this year.  Two long days of heavy rains, heavy enough to overflow the drainage system AS Fortuna.

I waited for awhile as I watched the passersby.  I couldn't make a U-Turn with congested cars beside me.

When will we ever change?  Who's to blame on all these?

Top 3 Posts @ 300 Pageviews

In less than 30 days, we finally hit 300 pageviews with the following top 3 posts:

  1. Sakayan
  2. My Homemade Hairwax
  3. Zipline @ Adventure Cafe

Blessed Pedro Calungsod to be the 2nd Filipino Saint

The Vatican announced Tuesday that Blessed Pedro Calungsod of Cebu will be canonized as a saint for the Roman Catholic Church.

Once canonized, he will be the second Filipino Catholic saint following Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, who was elevated to sainthood in 1987.

According to Vatican’s news site, Pope Benedict XVI has officially approved the promulgation of decrees for canonization of Calungsod and six others who have been said to have performed miracles. No definite date, however, has been set for the canonization rites.

The authorized miracle of Blessed Pedro Calungsod reportedly happened in 2003 at a Cebu hospital when a woman who was clinically pronounced dead for two hours was allegedly brought back to life through the intercession of Calungsod.

Bigby's, where good food is!

I first run onto this restaurant in a busy street of CDO. My friends and I, adored so much of what they had to offer.

The Rodeo Chops was my all time favorite, then the Bellybuster that is already good for three.

On my last visit I decided something else after getting a bit disappointed when they failed to serve my brewed coffee.

Ok, so I needed something to inspire me that day. My hubby took Rodeo Chops (my favorite actually)  while I had the Rosemary o' Rosemary.

Well, well, just as I expected I gave it another two thumbs up! It looked stiffer yet so tender inside and that surprised me. The rice along with it is highly recommended. The texture is great, the smell is wonderful and of course the taste is amazing.

So, next time you're in Cebu check BIGBY'S. It's just the best!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Daily Bible_ [John 20:2]

"They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid him."   [John 20:2]

Daily Bible_[Matthew 10:19]

" not be anxious how you are to speak..."   [Matthew 10:19]

How to Make a Homemade Hair Wax

Finally after several attempts and burning myself I have perfected my own homemade sugar hair wax.  You too can try your own sugar hair wax at home and save a lot from going to the salons.

Here's what you will need:

  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup kalamansi juice 

What to do?

  1. Mix the three ingredients in a bowl.  
  2. Stir the mixture until the sugar dissolves.  
  3. Pour in a saucepan and apply low heat.
  4. Keep on stirring the mixture to avoid burning it and until you will have a thick brown liquid.
  5. If it is thick enough, remove from heat and let it cool slightly before using it. 
  6. You can store it in a heat proof container for later use and store in the fridge.
  7. It can easily be warmed up in the microwave, so you need not worry about later use.
That's it.  We just had my homemade sugar hair wax.  It is all natural so it's perfect to use on arms, legs, underarms, upper lips and others.

So next time you see those unwanted hairs, worry no more!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

How we love to party...

Been trying to locate my file on the LGC CHRISTMAS PARTY invite but I would like to believe I lost it.  

The theme was MERRY SPORTY CHRISTMAS... Hmmm..I wonder how we will all look like.  I couldn't even figure out what to wear that day.  Perhaps I'd come as a skater (but mom already threw my old pair of skates), maybe an F1 driver but the time is too short to have a custom made costume, what about a cheerleader (oh yeah, a brilliant idea but that won't just fit me), or perhaps a golfer but there's just too much to prepare, finally I remembered my fave "Black Widow".  Why not she's pretty, she's beautiful and cool.  Oh well at least I can wear Black and my High Heels. lol.. I had to come home to my mother to search for the old Billiard Cue Stick.

It was fun being around with my favorite girls in the office.  Marivic Rabaya, Zecit Tojeno, Vangie Villanueva and Joan Salazar.  We took advantage of the bright day for this photo before darkness took in.  As usual my Sales Team came very much prepared with our various favorite sports wear.  Only I had to tag along my case to justify my outfit.  While all others were wearing rubber shoes, I was a total opposite..I came in 5inch Zara Black heels.

Once again my team was almost complete.  Yet we missed Jonathan Biliran and Maryvie Gomez on this wonderful event.  From left to right are the following Marivic Rabaya, Joan Salazar, Zecit Tojeno, Christian Magusara (our table guest from the Clearance Department), Arnold Yap, that's me in black, Vangie Villanueva and Nico Daquioag.

The girls took the advantage of posing with the Airfreight 2100, Inc. President Mr. Jerry Jara.  He's always attached to Sales, after all he used to be our former VP for Sales.  Long live Mr. Jara!

Many came home happy that night.  I thought i'd be one of them as the President announced the winner of the Samsung 32" LCD TV.  He couldn't read the name thus he uttered M B Z..Who else got such name but May Bollozos?  Hahaha, how assuming of me!  Then it turned out to be one of the guys from the Security Department.  I forgot his real name too!

Vangie Villanueva too had her fair share of winning.  It was a flat iron.  Not bad!  Despite the large crowd she's indeed very lucky to have won it.

The amazing group from Dan and Bradstreet Cebu got the First Prize for LGC GOT TALENT!  It was very entertaining.  Who would have thought they really prepared for this.  DnB Team, Congratulations!

The most awaited part of the night finally came.  Cebu Sales Team was united to nominate Joan Salazar (Cheerleader) and Nico Daquioag (Moto-crosser) and true enough they made it.
Cheers, for bringing so much pride to our team, Joan and Nico!

In behalf of CEBU Sales Team, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cebuanos are driven to help the victims of Sendong

On Several Typhoon Threats:  “Many times Cebu is targeted but sometimes we always escape and I think it’s because ang kapa (cape) sa Sr. Sto. Niño, our brother Cebuano, is always covering Cebu and we are very lucky but we feel the pain and misery of our brothers, many of them are Cebuanos,” Gullas said.

Many individuals, groups and organizations have extended relief and financial assistance.  There were various groups scattered all over Cebu's Towns and Cities collecting donations no matter how small they maybe.  As I was about to exit at the gate of ABS-CBN today, I saw three teenagers crossing with a plastic bag of used clothing.  I saw in their eyes the eagerness to help and extend assistance to the group of volunteers in ABS-CBN Cebu, it deeply touched me.

Complete possession is proved only by giving. All you are unable to give possesses you.
Andre Gide

As of this time, the DSWD Sendong HotLine, 459 2111 is ready to receive calls for donations to victims of Typhoon sendong 24/7.  Initially, donaitons can be sent through Air21 and Mail and More outlets nationwide, while DSWD main office and the DSWD Legarda office may receive the same.  Will be sending regular update.  Air21 will handle the pick up and eventually deliver to Cagayan de Oro.  Preferred donations are Non-perishables, clothes for children and adults' blankets and towels.

Known Drop-off Points:

  • All Mail and More outlets (Malls and Key Cities)
  • LBC Stations
  • Municipalities
  • City Halls
  • Some Travel and Tours Centers

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zipline @ Adventure Cafe

Fed up with all the bars, the karaokes, the modern restaurants, my team had to decide on a good place where we can both party and enjoy nature.

We couldn't come up with any idea as the weather kept bothering us.  Good thing we had our visitor from Manila and so I felt more obliged to be a good host.

As I remembered somewhere along Trancentral Highway there lies a new Cafe that I know who caters good food, quality dining and a good zip line.  Without any second thought the team agreed.

Arnold Yap had been prepared with his camera so I wouldn't have to worry over my totally drained one.

Adventure Cafe as they named it.  They were the first Resto Adventure in the entire Philippines.  Located at Gaas, Balamban, Cebu and approximately an hour and a half drive from Mactan Island where the Mactan International Airport is.

It was 5 minutes to 12noon when we arrived but we totally forgot we were hungry because of the overwhelming view.  The time we had lunch we couldn't help admiring the simply presented yet satisfactory menu.  I suspect everyone is really hungry as most of us ordered the famous Back Ribs (I actually forgot how they call it).

At a price of less than 200 pesos we got a good decent meal.  Never really thought it was that huge and most of us didn't really get to finish it.  We had Pork Steak too, a taste that until now I can still imagine.  It lingered in my thoughts and I truly guarantee it's drool worthiness.

The day was so fun.  We had a lot for each other as we enjoyed the moment as a team, as friends.

Downstairs we were attracted by the stress wall.  For 25pesos you can get a porcelain plate, you actually get to throw it on the stress wall.  They say you won't feel it if you won't shout.  So you gotta shout out loud and hit the patch where you are most affected.

I had a good pose with my girls at the wooden bench near the entrance.


Our total spending for the day was P3,846 good for 8/pax and a good zip line, isn't it the most affordable way to spend time with friend, families and love ones?  I almost forgot they had a wall climbing and rappelling facility too.  I'm not really sure about the distance but at least I got an assurance that the line can support me.

We will definitely find more time to come back here.  Bring some friends and relatives perhaps.  Enjoy the scenery, the good food and just feel the breeze.  I hope you will find time too!

Cebu's Butanding!

Yes, Cebu has whale sharks or "buntandings," too. For P100, you can swim and feed with these butandings (currently, there are 7 of them according to the local fishers). They are usually confined in the shallow portion (about 20 feet) of the seawaters of barangay Tan-awan, Oslob town (about 2 hours drive from Cebu City). You don't have to be a Scuba diver to enjoy this great adventure. Just pay the P100 fee (already inclusive of a small boat, a guide and hipon as feed), then you're all set to meet and greet the buntandings (size is from 8 meters to 20 meters). So far, the place has already attracted hundreds of people from all over the province and as far as Negros. For those who are interested to see the place, just private message me. ;)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Liv Campo in the House!

On my first thought of opening this blog for some co-authors the first person that came out of my mind was this  super active, open-minded, outspoken and concerned LIV CAMPO.

She's an epitome of modern media.  The former timid girl finally unfolded a new wave of personality.  Now strong, blunt and compassionate about things.  Currently a News Reporter at the Freeman, a business woman and a somebody who dreams of a lesser complicated world.

This witty young Cebuana hails from Talisay City who due to her dedication towards the society and eagerness to help her fellow Talisaynon tried her first stance in politics as City Councilor.

I'm just so glad she's able to join me in this endeavor of introducing Cebu to the World.  

Let's welcome Liv!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Proud Cebuana

If I have to live a life all over again and if I have a choice; I'd still choose to be a Cebuana.  There's just no place like home; no place like Cebu!

Special thanks to  mychaelalfon for sharing a wonderful talent by putting all things together.  This effort is truly marvelous.

In most of my travels, I'd say Cebu is still one of the best to explore.  From North to South, there are countless spots one need to see and explore.

Somewhere South-West lies a "Lagkaw"; I felt the time stopped for a moment as we enjoyed our sight.  That moment I wished life to be still, fair and clear. (Asturias Cebu Philippines)

As we continue our journey we had to stop several times.  To do it will be fain for as long as the sun continues to secure us from storms.  Somewhere up North this sight is wonderful to behold.  
(Medellin Cebu Philippines)

On and on we went 'til we reached the shores of Matutinao, Badian Cebu.  It was low tide that time, so we had fun collecting sea shells.

And somewhere in Mactan Island Cebu, I spotted this fishing boat. No longer servinh its purpose as it's now for commercial use.  They use this to transport people to the other Island called Olango (the Bird Sanctuary of Cebu).

East-West, North-South there are stories to share.  I shared a bit of mine, what's yours?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Famous Cebuano Icon of the Day: Annabelle Rama

This Cebuana beauty proved to the "madlang people" that Cebuanos have strong sense of disposition and will on any matter.  As they say she is the type who never retreats (walang uurungan) on anybody.

The mom of the famous beauty queen-actress-host Ruffa Gutierrez is currently involved in another case filed against her by actress Nadia Montenegro.  

Where this case will lead to, positively she still has her families support.  Good luck, Annabelle!


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Sakayan is a traditional fishing boat, despite modernization many are still using it here in the Philippines especially in the Islands of Visayas.

This photo is courtesy by Mistch Elle showing three men who were worried about having a good catch for the day knowing their families back home are waiting for them.  I do hope they had more than enough to serve on their tables and extra catch for the day's earnings.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Imperial Experience

Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa, Cebu in Maribago, Lapu-lapu City is owned and developed by the Philippines BXT Corporation, a PEZA registered Tourism Operator / Developer. The project is a foreign-funded investment and was a response to the call of the Philippine government for more investments on the tourism sector.

The resort is managed by the Imperial Palace Hotel Group, and international hotel management group with a portfolio of three hotels in Seoul, South Korea. Fukuaka, Japan and Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. The “Imperial Palace” in Seoul, Sout Korea was rated by Time Magazine as the best hotel in Asia a testimony of their high standard of management style and industry expertise.

I took the booking with an initial thought that it will be for the sake of my eldest son who will be celebrating his 5th year last Aug. of 2010.  We were so much amazed with what we saw.  Really some were not at all expected.

One of our favorite spot, 
my children fell in love with our 
room instantly.
Upon check in, the front desk officer announced that the room that I reserved isn't available yet and practically asked for a permission if they could upgrade our reservation.  Without any second thought I nodded with widened eyes.

The kids were so amazed with the spacious lobby, front desk section and a selection of left and right lifts toward our room.  
Our little boy quickly found a place
for him to sleep in the evening.

The place was cool, neat and just what we needed to celebrate my son's birthday.

The Park takes pride with its 556 elegantly furnished rooms, of which there are 128 Deluxe rooms, 380 Suites, and 48 Pool & Jacuzzi Villas.  Obviously, the rooms are designed to give a luxurious experience, comfort and total relaxation to its guests.

Capt. Hooks Pool


The Park boasts its 5 different themed pools namely:
-Amazon River Pool (a flowing river pool)
-The Wave Rider (with an artificial tide pool)
-Beach Pool (with a beach-line shoreline)
-Captain Hook's Pool (featuring a pirate ship)
-Toddler Pool (perfect for the little ones)

A view of the Cabana Lounge 
by the pool

In order to maximize time one has to observe the daily schedules of the Waterpark.  The Waterpark and Slides are open daily from 9AM to 5:30PM.  The Toddlers Pool and Captain Hooks Pool is open from 8:30AM to 5:30PM. 

A view of the first building

DeLuxe Rooms

Each room is equipped with a 32-inch LCD TV and DVD player.  It is equipped with an exclusive Imperial Palace (customized) radio clock with MP3 Player dock; fully stocked mini-bar and refrigerator and wired broadband internet.  It comes with two options the Ocean View and the Garden View.


Mactan Suite
This has 76 sq. meters of well-appointed space and gives guests a large living room area to watch their favorite movies in a 37-inch LCD TV with DVD player. The bedroom offers both luxury and comfort.

Cebu Suite
This is a two-bedroom suite that is perfect for a large families or group of friends.  With over 80 sq. meters of space, it has a large living room and with a 37-inch LCD TV with DVD player. Each bedroom has a 24-inch LCD TV, radio clock with MP3 player, spacious bathroom with tub and luxury amenities.

Imperial Suite
The Imperial Suite is ideal for those with a distinctive taste for the classically stylish. The bedroom is a study of elegance, with its four-poster bed and luxurious beddings. A spacious living room and balcony with an impressive view of the resort completes this exclusive suite.

Executive Suite
I would say that its bright interiors give emphasis on its spacious living rooms and a fun moment with the 42-inch LCD TV.  This is a perfect taste for modern people.

Royal Suite
Elegance = Royal Suite as it is.  It comes with a Master and Second bedroom both with lavish furnishings.  The bathroom of the Master's bedroom is fully enclosed while offering a good view of the resort grounds.  Meanwhile the second bedroom has more like a Japanese feel with both bath and toilet.  They say this is the room of the discerning businessmen.

The Villas offer a balance of both 
resort and luxury living.


Sunset and Ocean Villa

The place where you always want to be.  The exclusive pool and Jacuzzi is ideal for couples and honeymooners. 

An overview of the  pool from the 
9th floor where we were.
Food:  Guilty Pleasures
With wide selections of food and restaurants you can never go hungry!

Had a good breakfast at Familia Restaurant.
My nth try of various dishes, that day I was unstoppable.  Going through from Chinese, Japanese, French to American dishes.  Basically the flavors of the world went into my plate. 
Of course the best of them all was my coffee.  I just can't go without it.  Truly it has been a great, fun-filled and a memorable experience.

Indeed it was an amazing experience.  If you are looking for a nice place to spend a Holiday or Vacation here in Cebu, Philippines visit Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa.

Have a great vacation!


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