Wednesday, January 18, 2012

M/V Logos Hope in Cebu

It was another great way of bonding with the boys.  They all had fun being inside the vessel.  All the while they were thinking that we are actually gonna sail.  They turned a bit disappointed for such expectation but overall, they had so much fun.

Anyone with Php20 can get in plus a bonus of free entrance to children below 12 years old.  Isn't it awesome!

To this date, 2 days after the visit, they still keep on wishing to go back there and find their favorite books on the shelves.

Who knows when we will be able to come back but at least it would still be there until Feb. 09, so we have ample time left.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Cebuanos and the Sto. Niño

The feast of Cebu's Holy Child or Sto. Niño is celebrated every third Sunday of January. It is one of our biggest events that even people from all over the world take time to see it. Last Sunday was it when at least 3 million, foreigners and locals, joined in the day-long Sinulog Festival. It is not just, however, a one-day affair. Like most religious events, the Sinulog is started with a nine-day novena. In these days, several activities are also lined up (this happens every year) in preparation of the feast. There's the walk for Mary, fluvial and foot processions, reenactment of the first baptism (which first happened in 1521, the very year when Cebu became Christian), to name a few. And each of these is well attended by not just hundreds, but thousands or even millions. I say, more than anything else it is a show of faith. The foot procession is one good example how devoted we are to the Sto. Niño. From the Basilica del Sto. Niño (where the Sto. Nino is housed) and back, it takes at least eight hours to finish the procession. Yet, we do not mind the long hours, the heat, the tired legs and the crowd. Because to us, all of that is gladly done in honor to the Holy Child. There have been several criticisms being hurled at us the way we show our devotion to the Holy Child. According to the naysayers, it's so pagan. It is no longer faith, but fanaticism, according to them. But of course, they can not relate to us. They have not probably seen how we become one when we sing and wave to the Sto. Niño in unison while singing the "Batobalani sa Gugma" during the Holy Mass at the Basilica. They have not probably seen the tears in our eyes when we do it. And they have not probably known the love of the Sto. Niño. Because as Cebuanos, we do. We feel His love more than anyone else does. And what we do in His honor, not only during the Sinulog but everytime we have a chance to, is our way of giving back His ultimate love to us. Until they become Cebuanos, they will never learn to love the Sto. Niño like we do.

Friday, January 6, 2012

2nd Day of Sto Nino Novena Mass

As promised to myself, I will really make it happen and so I did.  We were glad to have decided to pick the City Hall Parking Area as we got a well shaded slot just in time for the next mass.

As we enter the Basilica, I started to feel and see a thick crowd of people coming from various corners of Cebu.  I was not sure if all were really from Cebu as I can see some tourist guides waving their flags.  I was pretty sure there were groups of tourists.  Some maybe only curious about our beliefs but I could sense that some really wanted to become part of the entire celebration.

The weather must have felt for us and gave us a cooler breeze than expected.  Though the sun was out it didn't stop the people from being attentive to the homily of the priest.  All were very much focused.  Everybody came with various intentions.  Mine was to extend my gratefulness for the many blessings that was given to me and my Family. I wished for good health and safety for every citizen too.

It was then when we sang the Bato Balani sa Gugma, that I felt my goose bumps.  It's a good and mixed feeling to be one with the people in pleading for our prayers to be granted.

I wish to continue until the last day.  I hope I really can.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Feast of Santo Niño de Cebu

The Holidays are over.  A New Year is here.  Today marks the first day of Novena for the Santo Niño de Cebu.

I was hoping I get the chance to go there but I have to wait until tomorrow if time permits.  Nonetheless, I have really plotted it already among my schedules for Friday.  Visiting the Basilica, is always something I consider as a wonderful experience even as a child.  My mom would use to tag me along with her despite the squeezing crowd of devotees.  It wasn't really very clear to me back then but as we do our regular Friday Novenas at home, I begun to understand how the Holy Child influences the lives of the Cebuanos.

In my early years, I thought SINULOG is merely a celebration best displayed by street dancing while the participants come in colorful costumes if not at all sticking out some soiled faces which is intentionally done.  I am one of the spectators of the magnificent street dancing, the colorful floats and gigantic puppets.

The Sinulog celebration lasts for nine days, culminating on the final day with the Sinulog Grand Parade.  The streets are normally crowded by people from all walks of life.  It's on the day before the parade, a Fluvial Procession is held at dawn with the Statue of the Holy Child carried on a pump boat from Mandaue City to Cebu City.  It ends at the Basilica where a re-enactment of Christianity is performed.  On the other hand, more devotees would come in the afternoon to enjoin a more solemn procession along the major streets of the city, which normally lasts for hours due to a massive crowd.

The previous year had brought so much blessings to me and my family.  There's no single happening that I regretted last year.  This year, setting a bigger chunk of my personal wish aside.  I humbly asked to the Holy Child that may He continue to protect every being from harm.   Keep us all safe always.  Keep the relationship of every family closer.  And deliver us all from evil. Amen!

Pit Senyor!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Fruits are Rotting

So the Holidays are over.  It's 2012  but I can see some of the fruits I had for welcoming the New Year start to rot.

I quickly browse for some recipe that could help.  I was looking for something that doesn't add any cream, mayo or milk in it.  I decided to just toss everything into the bowl.

So I can work with my fruits now and leave the worries behind. *winks


«Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.» John 6,68

Oh Dear Jesus, you are the Messiah! Please touch our thoughts and hearts so we may see the path where you are leading us. This we ask through Christ our Lord, Amen.

My Home...Your Home

The Engine of Life is Linkage”, at a glance this means nothing but simple words held together; yet whatever it means is abysmal.  Yes, so deep indeed that as mentioned; water and air is inseparable.  The huge expanse of the coverage of the Earth reaches beyond imagination yet now heavily threatened and dismayed by the players we call ‘humanity’. 

Humanity embraces nature and its environment.  Nomadic way of life now ceases to exist as each learn the means of living by utilizing what we call natural resources; it’s true humanity is a pre-requisite of survival; and as it grows the people become learned. 

Education in the early years may not seem to be what education is now; year-by-year the system goes better; more inventions and innovations are formulated. Infrastructures get better, technology is more advance, and the means of living seems to be a lot easier.  Along with this is the leading breakthrough in the Agricultural System.  

Vast lands are occupied by growing crops primarily aimed for feeding the domesticated animals; while the need to domesticate these animals are increasing parallel to the increasing population.  So the struggle to growing more and more crops; and raising more and more animals also increases; sad but true, Chemical Revolution was brought to the system.  

While it’s true that the outcome is satisfactory as to the main purpose of feeding the humanity, the side effect remained unnoticed, if not neglected.  I think this is because some people wanted to conquer the world, and how can they conquer the world on an empty stomach?  Thus, they need to do the acts of proving that they have developed; giving the impression that they can surpass the challenge brought about by the increasing humanity; the challenge to feeding every mouth in exchange of greater income.  More people become hungry for position, power and money; highly pushing them to advance some more out of greed.

Greed is evil, greed is ruthless.  All that is empowered by this evil forgets the human’s outlook to balance.  In the good old days, an animal feeds its hunger from a tree; consumes its fruits and flowers yet they blossom again after sometime.  I’m scared because in the next few years they will never happen anymore.  Every year the demand for logs is increasing as there are more development sites, yet the trees had lessened its number overtime.  I am just scared; my children’s children may never have any chance to see what a bird actually is; how a caterpillar transforms into a lovely butterfly.  I can only keep them in my memory hoping that one day, at the lost of any sight of trees and birds I can still clearly describe to them how lovely they were and hopefully they can appreciate the pictures of my imagination.  I’m scared.

After watching the film "HOME", I started spreading the news to my family, and friends.  I even asked my hubby to call on his friends and let them watch as well.  I couldn’t stop what they call ‘DEVELOPMENT’ alone; the truth is it’s a ‘Destructive Development’.  According to what I’ve read in the internet:  “The planet’s natural ecosystem and regenerating bio-capacity are being severely degraded and, as a result, this compromises the ability of the planets to sustain life.”  It scares me even more because at an instant I remembered the Rapa Nui’s Village who enjoyed the bountiful gift of nature and natural resources and yet they abused the gifts they had until nothing was left, not even their lives.  It sends me goose bumps and realization that no matter how huge the planet is, there will come a time of extinction to every living thing because of imbalance.  

Forests, fisheries, oceans, rangelands, fresh water systems and the rest of the ecosystems are all in its critical condition now.  Yes, it’s true and I can sense that water, land and air are getting increasingly polluted.  Many lost their lives on soil erosion, some lost lives on hunger and thirst.  

Melting glaciers are not our only concern in a warming world.
The global warming underway is highly threatening the balance of the system as it continues to melt the freshwaters from ice into the seas.  The animals and other species that are dying they are affected by what we call ‘development’.

I hope this film will touch more hearts as it touches me; and more people will spread the word as I do because I can’t wait for the day to come without doing a thing.  2015 is already marked in my calendar, there’s just so very little time left and I think I will be more than ready to end my days but what keeps on taunting me is that I couldn’t stand the thought of my children who’d barely be about 9 years old and 7 years old, they deserve to have a fair share of experiencing the gifts of God.  May He continues to protect us all.

I hope to extend my gratitude to Atty. Osorio for giving us the chance to watch the film; for the efforts of caring the environment; for making me think that it would be nice to be an Environmental Lawyer; it’s an all worth eye-opener!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


I chanced upon this Girl Scout statue in San Roque Elementary School (Talisay City, Cebu) while covering an event there. When I saw this, I was like, hmm. This actually reminds me of my grade school days. Yeah, we also had a statue like this one then (there were actually two - the other one was a boy, of course). And like this one in San Roque, ours in Talisay Central School also received similar maltreatment from children. It was even worse! I remember, the school even made a beautiful landscape for the two scout icons, but it only took a few weeks for some pupils to desecrate them. The lower arm of the female statue was plucked from its shoulder, the fingers and the nose of the male one were cut, etc. The school had to immediately remove both statues and replaced them with new ones.

I've been to other schools and saw practically the same scene. Only those statues raised higher from the ground or out of the children's reach are still standing with all their body parts intact. This blog now brings me to this question: What happened to respect?

As far as I know respect is being taught or learned along the way while still young. The Tagalogs even use the "Po" and Opo" as respect to their elders. Yes, it is just a statue. But whatever it is, may it be a piece of useless wood, no one, not even kids, has the right to destroy it, because someone has made an effort to put it there. Destroying that statue or piece of wood is disrespecting the person who owns it (and those who value it). It is disheartening to know that children, as young as they are, no longer value respect. Or, do they really know about respect?

Recently, my friend complained about the noise at their front gate brought about by children who regularly play in that area. She said she did not mind it before, but when these children started using pellet guns at their pomelo tree, she became furious. Since the target tree is near their window, those inside the house have a fat chance of getting hit. It is still happening even up to this day, and it seems that no one can stop those children, not even my friend.

What ever happened to values education in school? I don't subscribe to physical punishment, but those children who are bold enough to cut the limbs of a Girl Scout statue or shoot their neighbor using a pellet gun without even feeling sorry at all should deserve a good amount of discipline. And by discipline, I refer to something that should be done over and over again until they learn, until they will be reformed. Because it is sad to think that while we, the adults, are so lenient with the children; they do not even give us even a little respect that we deserve. Seriously, I would really love to teach a lesson or two to any erring child within my reach. I think it is better to give them that before they will do more harm 4 or 5 years from now.

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