Friday, August 31, 2012

Earthquake shake map of Eastern Visayas, Northern Mindanao | GMA News Online | The Go-To Site for Filipinos Everywhere

God bless the Philippines and the people in it.  Keep us safe always please.

Earthquake shake map of Eastern Visayas, Northern Mindanao | GMA News Online | The Go-To Site for Filipinos Everywhere: 'via Blog this'

7.9 earthquake rocks Philippines, tsunami warning issued - World News - IBNLive

I can still picture out the previous incident, I hope nothing serious had happened.  God please keep us safe.

7.9 earthquake rocks Philippines, tsunami warning issued - World News - IBNLive:

'via Blog this'

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Late lunch

My super late lunch turned out to be an early dinner. Thanks to Pancake House you make life more easier.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Man-made forest

Salute to the people of Bohol for doing a good job and keeping it great.  If they can make this (kind of forest) why can't we?


If I could paint the world i'd paint it with white, blue and green all over again. Then I knew it's a wonderful world.

The famous Chocolate Hills, taken last Sunday August 26, 2012 @ Carmen, Bohol.  

The Sun never left he just needed to rest

Today had been a busy day but the sky changed my mood instantly. Other than sunrise, sunset is my favorite part of the day. It's just so good to see the mixed colors creating a lovely sky.

Though I never wanted to say goodbye I am always certain that tomorrow I'd see Mr Sun again. Good night everyone!

Prony (a Boholano Python) meets the Cebuanos

Somewhere in a nook of Baclayon, a town in Bohol lies a spot where people are curious to go.  this is because of the famous Python caught several years and grown really huge.  He is big enough to swallow and consume a 65kg pig or whole goat.  I forced myself to open my eyes as I stare at this creature with mouth halfway open.  I had several wild ideas coming out of mind and that includes imagining Prony (as they call him) going wild and crazy.
He is really huge!!! It took 6 men to carry him to a multi cab the time they were about to move him into this new cage.
Of course my boys couldn't let the opportunity just slip away.  This is the scariest attempt that I can ever imagine.  My heart stopped beating looking at them.
And MariMar as this lady guy wanted to be called did his show trying to steal the crowds attention.  Oh well, he's so used to hearing people calling him as the human twin of Prony, what a classic joke but he took it lightheartedly.

Another day to relax after work

After several meetings for the day I finally got the chance to unwind and just enjoy the scenes from afar.

A cool and cozy place is all I need to relax from a day's stress and pressure.

This is it! As I always say, life is good for you to make it miserable.

Have a nice day everyone!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Top of the World

A typical Cebuana love's to travel whenever there's a chance. All it takes is to have a long holiday or a day off and expect her to be skittering from one place to the other.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bed Crawler

Off to bed now....Bohol is waiting for the Cebuanos!  See you tomorrow Bohol...

Asia Town IT Park at night

This isn't how it was few years back. Back then the picture was plain and there's a much wider space than buildings.

Though I miss the old place I couldn't help but smile thinking of the greater good these developments gave back to the people of Cebu in terms of employment and improving the means of living.

Along with these developments Cebuano culture partly changed. We are now easy to adopt to the ever changing environment.

In a nutshell I couldn't help thinking like is it really for greater good or greater evil?

Greater good because ________; greater evil because __________. Come help me fill in the blanks.

Mactan old bridge

For the longest time has been connecting the Mactan Island to the Mainland of Cebu.

We call it old bridge due to the rise of the second bridge which is closer to the MCIAA.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

An oysterous lunch in Liloan

Come let's eat!  Let the picture speak for itself..  

Just a bit of pork chop 
and an Anduhaw fish
Then get loads of Talaba.....
So far this "Talabahan sa Liloan" has the most 'malaman' Talaba I ever had.  They also make sure the shells are clean and no foul smell too.  

Looks like it's gonna be a rainy afternoon

Remembering Bantayan Island

The journey wasn't as sunny as expected.  We had a rough ride on board a boat to Bantayan Island but on our arrival we were greeted by the smiling sun.  It was too hot in the Island and it gave us enough chance to roam around its small capital.

This is a 3-Century old Church.  Older than anyone else that I know ever exist.  It's such an honor to be here for the nth time.

Of course, one shouldn't leave the island without shopping for some dried fish.  It's a lot cheaper here since this is the source of the dried fishes in the market.  Once it arrives the City they are normally sold in Tabuan Market.

The Grand Convention Center is still outstanding

We just loved the foods that they served for my son and brother-in-laws joint dinner celebration dinner. Thank you for the usual accommodation Grand Con!

When darkness strikes

This is how AS Fortuna Avenue looks like when night starts to invade.

Another day ended

There's just something about sunset that takes my breath away. I was a bit sad with the sudden shift of weather later this afternoon, the sun was up when all of a sudden rain poured. I thought the day would end that way.

To my delight the rain didn't last long and still gave me the chance to glance up the sunset. How I love the sun setting just at the right side of Cebu.

New Banner Coming Up Soon

Watch out for our new banner coming up soon!

New Look of Cebuano's Life and Leisure

This site has been running on dynamic mode for sometime now.  I pretty liked it but I felt like some of the features that I would want to be posted on the main page are not seen.  So i had to switch back to static mode.

I hope you guys like it... :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Liv Campo on Captain Bahinting

BAHINTING is a new name that made mark to Cebuanos and Talisaynons.  Now I have more reasons to be proud as a Talisaynon.  I sent a private message to a good friend Liv Campo, of The Freeman, and discussed with her few things about Captain Bahinting:

How did you know him?
I knew him through a friend, Rhia de Pablo, our former Business writer. Rhia was invited to cover Aviator's new tour package which is the Cebu-Chocolate Hills and back trip. We interviewed him, he said the tour, which is about an hour as you will be in one of his planes, gives you a better view of the famous Choc Hills. And he was right, he personally flew us on his four-seater Cessna, and from above you could see all of Choc Hills, a far cry from an obstructed view when you're on the ground. He was our pilot and tour guide at the same time.

A much reserved person
He was not much of a talker, he did not even laugh that much for the entire time that we were at his office, to the tour and back. But one thing i noticed about him was his being down-to-earth. You really wont believe that he owned a fleet of planes judging from how he spoke. With his kind personality, you would easily feel comfortable toward him. I think he was that to anyone.

Unbelievable truth
Memorable? I think when he personally piloted the plane to get us to Bohol. He could have sent one of his pilots, but because we were his visitors, he did not miss a chance to be accommodating. And while we were above, of course it's normal to be afraid, especially that the plane was too small (it was my frst time to be in that tiny plane), but i always told myself that i was with one of the best pilots in the country, so why be afraid, right? And i was right as we made back to Mactan in one piece. It buffles me until nowwhy he crashed. Seriously.

Heroic act
I want to remember him as someone who was a great man but had he been alive he would not want to be called such. I think he was humble too. But most importantly, i want the whole nation to remember him as someone who tried to save a cabinet member until his last breath. Otherwise, he would still be alive now, as he being a pilot obviously knew they were about to crash, but he stayed in hopes to save his passenger.

I agree with my friend Liv, what he showed to people are just as what he wants us to perceive him to be. A good man indeed!

Capt. Jessup Bahinting: A Modern Day Hero

You did such a noble act, Capt. Jessup Bahinting! The thought kept on hovering my mind over and over while I was on my way to the office today.  You have touched the lives of many by showing unselfishness and bravery towards life's circumstances.

I wish I had known you as neighbor way back in Talisay or perhaps by chance meet you in Aviatour's office during one of my visits.  Chance was really elusive not to permit us to meet but that doesn't lessen my admiration to your courage and selflessness.

Even on your last few days, you have dedicated your life to serving the people and those in need.  You were there when Ronron Aventurado, the Cebu Zoo Keeper needed you.  You saved his life but he is now in pain thinking that the only person who offered tremendous help to him, after his hospital discharge would see you in a much different state.

You will always be remembered Captain! Farewell for now and have a restful journey towards our Creator.  May you rest in peace.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The quickest and cheapest pasta you can get today

Go to 7-Eleven!!!!!!!!
They are everywhere.  

My Coffee Jelly

When things don't seem to work as planned it's good to know there's you BO's. You're coffee jelly never fails me. It is so much better than the leading one.

Vegetable Noodles

It's pretty amazing to find noodles like these in a grocery store. I am so used to straight pasta noodles, crooked pancit canton noodles, yellowish odong noodles but this is something different.

It comes in various colors per pack and I can't wait to taste when hubby cooks it.

The Cebuanos are excited to go to Bohol

It was planned but moved.  The family is supposedly going to Bohol for our first son's 7th birthday but we decided to hold it until next week.  I am excited for my boys.  It's going to be their first fastcraft experience.  Bohol watch out, the Cebuano's are coming not to invade but to enjoy!


Bamboo and Nipa hut is always a perfect idea of a siesta place.  Now a days, you can find many things like these in the streets of Liloan and Talisay for sale.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bruce Cortes Bollozos, where are you?

Uncle Bo......I am actually thinking of you right now.  I case all else fails for Brunson's Birthday we might end up in ALEGRE and I'm gonna need your help!!!!

The Plans (because we have various options where up to now Bruno still isn't able to make up his mind)
  1. Bohol (Father 'Omy is ready to adopt us for days)
  2. Plantation Bay (since it's kinda nearer and my Talisay Folks need not travel farther than Mactan)
  3. Alegre Beach Resort (the ultimate contingency plan, hopefully the weather will favor us to Bohol)
Gracias, Unclo Bo!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Off we go to Magellan's Cross

Magellan's Cross is a Christian cross planted by Portuguese, and Spanish explorers as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan upon arriving in Cebu on April 21, 1521. 
This cross is housed in a chapel next to the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño on Magallanes Street, just in front of the city center of Cebu City.
As you see the cross stands tall as it is encased in a wood to protect it from those who chipped away parts of it and to protect its holiness.
A sign below the cross says that the original cross is encased inside the wooden cross that is found in the center of the chapel.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunset at SM City Cebu

It's a strange feeling to always look forward to seeing the sunset but it's just so amazing to watch it go by.

Yesterday at SM Cebu parking lot I candidly took this shot.

Where to buy the cheapest pasalubong in Cebu?

The is no other place like TABUAN where all things can be bought cheaper than the anywhere else in Cebu next to Carbon Market.  It is located in Cebu City just near Cebu City Medical Center.  Tabuan is less dense than Carbon Market though where most of the enterprises located here are concentrated to selling dried fishes, native delicacies and other local produce.  

During the good old days while I was in college the vehicle that I take used to pass here every night from school.  I wondered why of all the places the jeepneys to Talisay took this route.  Everyday was like an agony of breath-holding for a minute or two just to surpass the area feeling less dizzy with the smell of dried fish and all.  Back then I never realized its contribution to our our society...

Imagine if we go on life without TABUAN, there will be a scarcity of trading area for the small-medium scale traders.  Goods will be more expensive and the government of Cebu City won't benefit from the taxes it contributes. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cebu Rocks by Janice Minor

Well well well few days back I posted about One Cebu showcasing the arts, talents and designs of our fellow Cebuanos and I hope everyone got a good chance to drop by.

There were more participants, more new market players and a whole lot of new designs to amaze you. One or two of them is definitely a stand out just like Janice Minor.

Janice Minor has become a trusted self-named brand that symbolizes Cebuano beauty. The amazing designs are reflections of the head turning owner Janice. She herself is a pride of Cebu having been crowned as the first ever Ms Cebu and continues to rock 'til these days.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where to go when you think of seafoods in Cebu City?

When I think of foods more often Seafoods first come into mind.  Who doesn't love seafoods when you know how delectable and great tasting they are?

And when I think of Seafoods in the City, I'd think of STK to Bay!  It's desirable not only for it's great taste, just right location (though they really needed bigger parking space), also it has reasonable prices.

The good thing about STK ta Bay!, is that they were always very consistent with their service.  For them customers really matter, perhaps their ultimate motivation to keeping their (staff and other employees) spirit despite the hard-works.

What I had for lunch?

Tuna Kinilaw

Garlic Shirmps

Tuna Belly 

Yummy scallops

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