Friday, July 20, 2012

The Best Korean Restaurant in Mandaue City

We tried several Korean Restaurant before but for me nothing beats what Huang Ga has to offer.  The Huang Ga people are very accommodating and they make sure you are comfortable in every Huang Ga dining experience.

With a wide variety of choices, Huang Ga never ceases to amaze me. My favorite is the Shabu-shabu Buffet it's just the best!  Try it for less than 500pesos, you will surely go a long way.

It's a send off party to our good friend Paulita Fernando.
With the pretty girls of AF2100 and the vigorous men of ops.
It's really a night of fun, pig-out and gluttony. 
We finished all the foods.
Looking forward to our next Huang Ga experience.  Laters, Huang Ga!

For those of you who wants to give it a try, you may visit them at AS Fortuna, Banilad, Mandaue City.  Just in between Xing Cafe and BDO theirs a driveway and it should be the first building on the right.  

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