Monday, August 13, 2012

Where to buy the cheapest pasalubong in Cebu?

The is no other place like TABUAN where all things can be bought cheaper than the anywhere else in Cebu next to Carbon Market.  It is located in Cebu City just near Cebu City Medical Center.  Tabuan is less dense than Carbon Market though where most of the enterprises located here are concentrated to selling dried fishes, native delicacies and other local produce.  

During the good old days while I was in college the vehicle that I take used to pass here every night from school.  I wondered why of all the places the jeepneys to Talisay took this route.  Everyday was like an agony of breath-holding for a minute or two just to surpass the area feeling less dizzy with the smell of dried fish and all.  Back then I never realized its contribution to our our society...

Imagine if we go on life without TABUAN, there will be a scarcity of trading area for the small-medium scale traders.  Goods will be more expensive and the government of Cebu City won't benefit from the taxes it contributes. 

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