Friday, June 8, 2012

A Journey to Bantayan Island

The news on the cancellation of our trip to Manila for the annual SKO saddened us a bit, we fought the battles of FY12 so hard hoping that the welcoming of the next Fiscal Period will be more memorable for the rest of my sales team.

Much as we were dismayed we were able to plot an alternative plan.  It was very timely to have received the invite of our Bantayan Island Agent.

So off we go to BANTAYAN ISLAND!  I can smell the excitement among the group, undeniably I was very excited too.  I was there seven years ago and I am not sure how it will look like now.

Leaving Mandaue City at 5:30 am of June 1, I was exalted with the sight of almost-sunrise.  I had no idea what time the sun would rise so I just waited patiently in the front seat.

We reached Danao City at around 6:15 and Mr Sun seemed too shy to come out.  I always love long travels and see the marvels of the scenes along the way.

Despite the long wait, I Mr. Sun failed me for he never came out.  Instead he gave us a very disturbing weather along the way.  I just hoped there would be much to expect when we reach destination to offset the agonies of the team from the overwhelming waves and undesirable journey towards Hagnaya.

Despite Mr. Sun's absence, this site is wonderful to behold.  The colors that pleases my eyes were all present, it keeps playing on my mind.  Yet I still have the urge to see the teasing sun.
The sky's reflection to the inlet is so perfect that I almost summoned the Tricycle driver to halt.  It would be nice to have a picture of the team here.  This was captured during our rough journey to a wonderful haven of the Bantayan Island Nature Park.

Yes the trees were at its perfect shape and colors.  There were like colors of spring, full of hope.  We were very hopeful to reach our destination despite the rough roads we persist to move further ahead.
Instantly, I could no longer recall how it was back then all I know is that the same white shoreline still greets us with warmth despite the challenging and rough journey we had due to a tropical depression in the Eastern Region.

They say Boracay Island is an Island Paradise but I beg to disagree.  Bantayan Island is more like a paradise to me where time is slow and the way of living is laid back.  Unlike the crowded Boracay, here it's more peaceful and serene.  You are always greeted with a smile.

We first settled in our hotel to quickly refresh before we hop to our Sales Blitz. 
There we go, it was fun roaming around the small town.  We were able to gather some leads after we successfully divided ourselves into two groups.
Of course the Island visit won't be complete without dropping by the 300-year old in the making church.
Another thing to complete the visit will be shopping for some dried fish and squid.  My 200 pesos made much.
I bet, everyone long waited for this moment where all stress are unloaded and all there is fun.
It's been a long night, we had so much fun.  The small time trippin' of the team made a lot of memories.  Surely we will do this again.
Time is too short for us to waste, so every inch of step we do we make sure we double our phase to compete with time.   It's nice to be here and definitely we would love to do it again.

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