Friday, July 15, 2016

Forex in Town

Have you ever heard what FOREX is?
If not then this is about time you consider a study of any FOREX Opportunity. Why? Because forex is a multi-trillion business and you are lucky since there's now a local company that provides forex education. 

So what is FOREX?
It is the concept of buying when the currency is bound to appreciate and selling when it is bound to depreciate.
It is an extremely lucrative business. The risk is high, yet to any practicing trader who applies risk management, risk is something that happens on a day to day basis, not only with FOREX.

1. There are 3 classifications of FOREX. 
-Directly Quoted 
-Indirectly Quoted

2. FOREX is also known as currency trading. Each currency is paired with another currency such as:
-USDJPY (indirectly quoted)
-USDCHF (indirectly quoted)
-GBPUSD (directly quoted)
-EURUSD (directly quoted)
-AUDUSD (directly quoted)
-NZDUSD (directly quoted)
-CHFJPY (cross-rates)
-and many more currency pairs into the list 

Can we really make money with FOREX?
Yes. It's easy you, know? Below are steps of how to start with.

Forex Cebu is powered by Wall Street Business Consultancy Corp., a SEC registered company that aims to promote FOREX education not only in the Philippines but to the world. Check their website, for more information.

Forex Cebu conducts regular weekly orientation for free. Yes, orientation is conducted for FREE. This is the best time to grab the chance and don't allow yourself to be left behind. Oh, you might have to sign up first as seats are very limited on a weekly basis. 

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