Monday, March 14, 2016

Cebuanos in Kalanggaman Island

Everyone needs a little time away. Yes, away from the buzzing city life and stressful work, where all you worry about are the basic things such as food, water, and place to sleep while you get to enjoy nature at its best. Talking about nature,  

Philippines has been so blessed with natural resources be it in the mountains, seas, anywhere... you name it!

My team's quest for another adventure settled with the idea of camping, nature trippin' and swimming. Kalanggaman Island was deemed perfect for the thought. 

How to get there?
There are many ways to get there but our team opted to choose Bogo (North of Cebu), since this is one of the easiest and fastest way to get there.  From the City Proper, it took us about an hour and thirty minutes on a private vehicle to Polambato, Bogo where our boat-ride is waiting. We took this Port, since we were many... roughly around 30 pax, so we chartered a boat to the island for P12,000. Mind you, had I known, I would have opted for Maya or Nailon instead to pick a ride since the one we had isn't really for passenger ride. Apparently, we were toasted under the heat of the sun.

Some can opt to travel via Maya, the Port for Malapascua, where a boat-man can be commissioned. Mostly, vessels coming from this port would charge around P5,000-P7,500 for an overnight in the island.

You may contact Danny, a referral from a friend (which came only after our travel) via mobile numbers 0909 307 7190 or 0906 390 5866.
Ideally, the island is for anyone who seeks adventure.
The sandbar is a masterpiece.

My panoramic view is breath-taking.

Reaching the far end of the sand bar was perfect to wait for the sunset.

Meanwhile, in the other side of the island....
What's best to do?

Lay back on a hammock....
Walk around and explore the island...
Set-up your tents and get excited for the evening...

I will surely come back here. If only Kalanggaman Island is just a stone throw away, this will certainly be a favorite weekend getaway.

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