Saturday, July 23, 2016

Foodtrippin: The Best Pochero in Town

There's always a time when you salivate and you dream about a place where you can eat anything you like.

From seafoods, porks, beefs, vegetables and kinilaw. Imagining how sumptuous your lunch can be is always undeniably good when matched with cheap prices. So where in Cebu City can you get that?
EKIT'S Foodhaus of course!

There were no customers yet when we came in at 10:30am, so we get to choose properly. It's just so confusing what to eat coz I want them all on my table. Imagine that.

Yep she's inked, look at what's on her back? It says Ekit Pochero, isn't she amazing? 

You are not a Bisaya if you hate "suka", vinegar as commonly known. When I saw this bottle, I suddenly wanted it with a grilled fish. Savory it is!

At an average cost of P30 per serving you'll leave the place full and satisfied. Pochero is at P60 per serving, we took 3 orders. Hmmmm, how's that? Just don't expect anything fancy, this place is a carenderia still. As a carenderia it's not different from the others in terms of the general ambiance, but the people who go there are a mix of Class A, B, and C. I remember faces like Derik Ramsey and Peter Lim, among Ekit's selfie with guests.

A Secret
Shhhh... This is a secret. Despite the fun and amazing food choices, I still end up saying mama's (my own mother) pochero is stl the best.

How to get there?
Follow your tummy, ahm, I mean follow the direction below from google:

Got more questions, post your comments below... ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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